Student Support

We offer a variety of services to support students of different backgrounds. From full-day workshops to guest presentations and lectures, we can work with you to customize a program that will meet your students’ needs.

Are you looking to:

  • improve student retention?
  • prepare new students for university academics?
  • increase graduation rates?
  • build your students’ confidence?
  • develop skills and knowledge for success in university?

Workshops and Guest Speaker Presentations

We facilitate engaging workshops and presentations on a number of topics. With many years’ experience delivering academic skills programming and transition support, we have the expertise, knowledge, and understanding of student development to help your students succeed in university.

We deliver both targeted workshops to small groups of students and large lecture-style presentations. Our numbers have ranged from ten students to more than one thousand, and we are comfortable facilitating in any learning environment.

Presentation topics range from general strategies for academic success to specific academic skills like time management or study strategies. Whether you are helping students through their university transition, responding to problem areas, or preparing for exams, contact us to deliver the right presentation for you.

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Full-Day Workshops

For more intensive support, we offer full-day workshops to students who need an extra boost. The Academic Reboot program covers a range of topics, with extra attention given to the themes of time management, motivation, and mindset. Academic Reboot focuses on learning at the university level and common concerns.

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This program is popular with many groups, including:

  • Students at risk or on probation
  • Students seeking reinstatement
  • Student athletes
  • International students
  • First-generation students
  • Faculty associations
  • Mature learners
  • and many others

Tutor Training

Evidence suggests that tutors who receive training are more effective and successful when supporting students (Staub & Hunt, 1993). Trained tutors have greater knowledge of teaching and learning strategies, exhibit stronger communication and leadership skills, and describe themselves as having more confidence when tutoring.

Our tutor training prepares new and experienced tutors with foundational skills to support learners and peers. Based on the tutoring standards set by the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA), our training meets the following objectives:

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  • Identify the Scope of Peer Tutoring in Learning Centres
  • Define Peer Tutoring Roles and Responsibilities
  • Behave Ethically when Tutoring
  • Analyze Tutoring Situations Where Ethical Choices are Made
  • Plan Tutor Sessions
  • Utilize the Tutoring Cycle
  • Communicate Effectively as a Tutor
  • Use Critical Questioning
  • Define Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Use Referrals (When You Need Assistance)
  • Identify When to Stop the Tutoring Process

Tutor training requires 6 hours of in-person learning; all required materials are included.

Let’s support your students.

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