Professional Training

We provide professional training to increase work and personal productivity and motivation. Whether you are a small team with similar needs or a larger group of diverse workers, we can work with you to develop crucial skills and enhance your business.

Professional Development and Training Workshops

Planning, Prioritization, and Productivity: The Basics of Time Management (1 hour)

In this foundational workshop, we will discuss strategies and tools for improving time management, productivity, and getting things done. Learn to use a variety of tools for planning and tracking time, and develop strategies for beating procrastination. This workshop is available both virtually and in person.

Beyond Basics: An In-Depth Look at Time and Motivation (3 hours)

In this more intensive workshop, we dig into the reasons behind common time management issues and develop strategies and plans to overcome them. Explore the principles of time management and your personal obstacles and barriers to productivity.

Let’s support your organization.

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